Kuriatua – Prelude

Comic (A4 size with color)
Published in the collective comic “Fantaisies Carnivores” (from Shinokami)

Story :

This story takes place a few weeks before the story of Kuriatua.
Kiyoun is the son of the leader of the clan worshipping the hares. Because of a fragile nature, and an illness which obliges him to absolute calm, he’s constantly excluded from the affairs of the clan. Judged useless and weak, he suffers from being unable to prove his worth.

While a snowstorm threatens the village and wolf spirits are around, a group of men are forced to looking for a sacred hare spirit, wounded and lost in the mountain.
Kiyoun decides to go outside too and passes a deal with his father. If he succeeds in following men and helping in research without being a burden to others, he will officially become the future leader of the clan.
Otherwise, Kiyoun will definitely have to withdraw and agree to be sidelined.

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