The dragons’ dance

Manga – one shot
Genre : Myth – Oriental Fantasy
Published on the collective comic  “Il était une fois…Contes et traditions chinoises”(from Shinokami) – 2008
Voted best fanzine 2008 by Japan Touch festival in Lyon
Voted best fanzine 2009 by Japan Expo Paris festival
The dragons’ dance is an old chinese tale I adapted into a comic.
Story :
On China lands, a long time ago…
A terrible drought has been raging for three years. Civilizations die, plants and animals disappear …
Far from hell, high in the sky, the heavenly emperor Yuhuang Shangdi celebrates his birthday since 3 days, into drunkenness and good humor.

Yudian, a golden dragon, has a hard time taking part in the party, when he hears the tears of a little girl in the world from below. Curious, the young Celestial being descends on Earth.
He will risk his life to help the human beings.

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